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Welcome to CHS

A Vibrant, Dynamic, and Innovative School


Dear Parents,

I dearly welcome you to "Cypress Hillside School". It is such a great pleasure having you to read through our website. Education has played a vital role in evolving us to who and what we are today.

"Cypress Hillside School" is a globally minded school, providing pupils with a high standard of education in an excellent environment. 

"Cypress Hillside School" offers crèche, preschool, and elementary services to families.

First and foremost, we are a Christ centered school, committed to developing in our pupils a view of truth, cultivating in them the Christ mind from a very tender age.

CHS embraces education across all borderlines with her tailor made, broad, balanced, and structured leadership infused curricula providing a fertile start for early years.

Our leadership integration across curricula enhances intellectual pursuit that enables our pupil to discover and pursue their God’s unique purpose in living. We prepare our pupils for lifelong living beyond career by guiding them to live authentically, learn deeply, love boldly and lead globally in humility.

In these exciting and fast-changing times, our goal at "Cypress Hillside School" is to educate leading learners by bringing out their full potentials through nurturing their learning abilities and providing new possibilities that create a unique experience.

As a new school that teaches pupil the National Curriculum for England, we offer a reasonably priced world-class education in a serene and excellent environment.

Our academic provisions are offered by educationally certified team that pursues excellence in all ways. This pursuit of excellence has seen CHS adoption of a new set of standards across four core concepts of learning:

Application of the word of God to:

  • Pursuing excellence
  • Growing by learning
  • Global Citizenship
  • Learning through innovation

Our team of Managers are passionate and dedicated to creating enriching experiences for children under their care, and to empower them in both creativity and structured thinking.

We value the home and school partnership, and are delighted to offer this within an environment committed to strengthening each pupil to stand tall on the hills of life with instilled solid values of character.

Our school is a caring and motivating family-centered community wherein pupils and their managers are the life force that enables our school develop and cultivate future generations of independent, creative, and logical thinkers with outstanding character.

CHS reserves a special place in the hearts of all their pupils from the first contact .Our view that a school should be a natural extension of the family holds true, knowing well that life is a very long walk.

While our website provides an insight into our community, we would welcome the opportunity to take you on a tour around our CHS.

Kind regards,

Sefunmi James-Ogbe
Head of School.

AISG Director standing in front of school building