Core Values, Vision and Mission

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OurCore Values

  • Child Focused
  • Christ Centered
  • Future Directed
  • Character Driven
  • Excellence Minded
  • Globallly Committed


Cypress Hillside School is committed to helping child learners become confident, motivated and disciplined learners that develop their full potentials to live, learn, love and lead in humility.

And in view of the statement above,It is and shall be the mission of CHS:
To develop first, a spiritual awareness that will enable and motivate CHS global leaders to continue to educate themselves throughout their lives, presenting to them the Christian faith in all its mystery and splendor

To offer an education of such breadth and excellence as will fit for relevance in society of their generation, to enable them compete confidently with their peers for opportunities in advance, education based on the British National Curriculum of England and Wales and the rich Nigeria curriculum.

To provide CHS pupils with a positive, stimulating, secure and caring environment that encourages the fulfillment of individual potential, and the growth of self-esteem in all areas: academic, social and personal knowledge and respect for different cultures, values and beliefs.

To develop within CHS pupils an outstanding character of individual responsibility, based upon the values of honesty, respect, self-control, equality, and concern for others.

To empower every CHS child learner as outstanding leaders by providing creatively exciting, qualitative and holistic programs from early childhood through graduating class to build a sustainable future by nourishing the body, mind, and soul, helping them become successful learners with confident mindset that is active as informed citizens who become faithful servants of Christ to themselves, their families, their associates, and to their world such as to form a permanent foundation of their character to standing tall on the hills of life.

To foster partnerships between parents and school in the learning process engaging diverse resources.


Educating child learners as leading role models 


  • Global Focus
  • Small Class Size
  • Innovative Learning
  • Nurturing Environment
  • Christ Centered School
  • Leadership Based Education
  • Exclusive, First Class Curricula
  • Indigenous and Foreign Languages
  • Appropriate Extra-Curricula Activities
  • One minute drive from this roundabout

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What Does Our Vision Require?

As a leadership based school, CHS's bold and transformative projects will inspire both local and global communities.


Dynamic learning is designed and delivered by innovative educators who embrace change and share best practiced instructional strategies. Technology and its responsible use is deeply embedded into learning.

Dynamic learning provides creative and differentiated learning opportunities to ensure all learners achieve personal excellence.

Dynamic learning starts with a vibrant school committed to preparing pupils for the future they choose. At the same time, CHS is constantly learning and adapting to an ever-changing environment.

Dynamic learning promotes inquiry, allowing for student choice and flexibility in the pursuit of their passions and interests, extending beyond the classroom to authentic, real world challenges and opportunities.


Compassionate learning starts with an inclusive organization that fosters an appreciation of common humanity and a commitment to care for others.

Compassionate learning balances challenge and rigor with encouragement and support. Empathy, resilience and growth mindset are continuously nurtured.

Compassionate learning advocates for global awareness, intercultural understanding, and perspective.

Compassionate learning cultivates strong character, social and emotional wellness, and personal happiness.


Connected learning places relationships at the heart of the school, in pursuit of strong relationships within local, national, and global communities.

Connected learning demands strong collaboration and communication within and across multiple partnerships and communities.

Connected learning emphasizes the importance of student voice and ideas. Each member of the CHS community actively knows, values, and advocates for one another.

Connected learning inspires a unified, positive, and vibrant school spirit.