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CHS Admission

Why Cypress Hillside School?

We know that choosing the right school for your child can be a difficult decision to make. So, we think it is important all parents do plenty of homework first - even if it is something they haven't done in a long time!

The challenge is where do you start when there are so many globally focused schools to choose from? If you have a clear criteria to help you decide, ultimately, all you want is to choose a school that is the right fit for your child, their needs, and how they learn. Here are some handy information we hope to help with that big decision.


Great Educators!

The best educators are those that are able to combine theory and depth of knowledge with real world examples. We are driven by our curiosity, creativity and dedication to improving our world through our educational offering.

Can you still remember your growing school days? You can remember the building, resources or the playground were not your first attraction. Definitely you must have forgotten a lot about the school but you still have one dear memory of what a teacher did. Possibly your favorite teacher. Perhaps because they were one of the first adults to really understand you. Or because they made learning seem so easy. Whatever the reason, we know great teachers inspire great pupils for life. That’s why at CHS, we pay close attention to how we recruit, train and support both our new and experienced educators. We know just how rewarding a teaching career can be, when teachers have the right support and opportunities to develop right.


So what makes a great CHS Manager?

  • CHS Quality Standards - High quality teachers all creating educational excellence
  • The Right Tools - A world of resources and tools at their fingertips
  • Career Pathways - Rewarding opportunities that can take our teachers anywhere
  • Pioneering People - Engaged teaching professionals with creatively new ideas and knowledge


Meet our team of managers

We are proud of our choice of happy and committed managers as we deliberately choose the best experienced from the industry

Our managers will like to know you as they embrace your child and as you also get to know them, they will eagerly want to get to know you and your family. We believe that close parent-teacher relationships are essential to helping pupils achieve their individual best. That's why CHS strongly provides support for parent’s community and promote programmes which encourage parental involvement.


  • Director/Head of School
  • Head of Academics
  • Pre-School Head
  • Elementary School Head

CHS heads are responsible for ensuring this world class expertise connect with children in the classroom. Our educators shape the direction of Cypress Hillside School, establishing leadership culture, godly ethos and clear direction.

Our employees have an exceptional track record, focusing on outstanding results, happy managers, successful pupils and involved parents.



We may be passionate about constant improvement and innovation in teaching, but we're also serious about maintaining our high standards in every area. The standard of our teaching is regularly assessed by our senior academics and external consultant who have been trained in important areas of school inspection which includes:

  • School self-evaluations
  • CHS Curricula inspection
  • International accreditation
  • CHS Policy Review methodologies



Yes, CHS pupils can have a view of the world, from their classrooms through our global connection platform helping young people become well-informed global citizens.

We believe that the diversity of our school is one of our greatest strengths which gives our pupils the unique opportunity to experience other cultures, languages and other exciting systems for social interaction and global initiatives, and with this cultural richness they get prepared for a globalized world.

Are you ready to give your child a truly global education? Try our positive community to discover our balanced approach to early leadership education.



At CHS, we keep embracing new methodologies to learning, improving on the old patterns as well.

We are super proud of our growing community as we do not like to rest on everyday laurels. We are always looking to find new and creative ways to stimulate learning and continually striving to improve the way we teach. Our emphasis on enquiry-based approaches, both within and beyond traditional learning environment, means we are quick to implement new technologies wherever we believe they will be beneficial; we are looking to develop well-rounded pupils with 21st century skills who are ready for an increasingly globalized world.

We benefit from best-practice teaching methods shared by professional educators, but some of our freshest ideas come from listening to pupils and their families. We make it our business to pass on what we learn to others, because our ultimate goal is to provide an exceptional education to as many as possible.



CHS offers the universally respected curriculum which has been in use in over 150 countries for over 30 years across the world. This curriculum meets a broad educational need beyond now for the world at large.

Are you keen to enroll your child in a school which teaches also the British curriculum? You are certainly not alone! So, what defines the British curriculum? What makes it so special? Is it a good fit for your child's education? Let's take a closer look together.


Why Choose the British Curriculum?

Also known as the National Curriculum for England, this is a broad and balanced system which covers all of the major arts, sciences and humanities subjects. With a wide-angle view through liberal approach, it is great for keeping track of progress and encouraging achievement all the way from primary school to college level. A detailed and well planned out framework that gives learners an easy-to-navigate map to help identify, work and achieve academic goals. British curriculum was designed to give students, parents and teachers a clear overview of progress at every educational stage.


Globally Recognized

No matter where your child is studying in the world, the British curriculum has been developed to promote independent, critical thinking and creativity. Your child will study all of the essential subjects, focusing on creative thinking, forward planning and the developed important life skills. Ultimately, this is a curriculum designed to help young people meet the challenges of a changing world.


Key Features
  • Over 30years
  • Global recognition
  • Purely student centered
  • Broad and Balanced Academic Overview
  • International bench marking


Dual & Local curricula

The best of both worlds. Nigeria and British.

For our internationally minded students and their families, keeping options open and taking advantage of the best educational systems the world has to offer can be exciting, inspiring and practical. That's why many schools offer a combination of curricula. At CHS, we blend the school’s local curriculum with the best elements of an international one.



A close connection to local culture can be a key part of a pupil’s total development. And in view of this, we are very proud to offer our rich and local state curriculum. This approach gives our pupil the opportunity to feel connected to their home while also enjoying a top quality relevant global education. We offer the best of both worlds accurately


Early Years

A unique approach to Early Years education. Every step in Education is important but it has been scientifically proven that the pre-school years are the ‘most important’ as they lay the foundation for future learning and success. We have adopted world renowned educationists’ approach to brain functions in relation to early childhood development to enable children flourish academically, personally, socially and emotionally.

We cater for children from three months of age to the start of school. Our approach is based upon four pillars:

  1. Quality staff
  2. Quality education
  3. Quality care in a safe environment
  4. Partnership with parents and the community

Our members of staff are highly trained, skilled and passionate about Early Years Education. They know how important it is to work in partnership with parents and for young children to have secure attachments with people who care for them and want the best for them, knowing quality education positively impacts children’s progress and outcome in life.

Choosing CHS Early Years means you are committing to true hands that will care for your child the way you will do. We are sure you will have us as your new family.

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Admission Process

We want to make applying to CHS a simple and stress free process for you. Our priority is to help you make the right decisions for you and your family.

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Prior to each tour, we spend time getting to know you and your child so that we can better understand your key questions, needs, interests and concerns.

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