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CHS Facilities

We give parents PEACE OF MIND within our facility
Safety & Security

  • CHS Learning Facility have on-site owner
  • Infant, child and adult CPR and First Aid-trained staff
  • Trained Security Personnel
  • Background check on all staffs
  • CHS Balm of Gilead room addresses first aid. Medical needs on emergency are transferred to the school registered clinic, which is about 4 minutes’ drive from the school
  • Employees Medical Checks
  • Secured entrances with restricted visitor access
  • Closed-circuit cameras that are continuously monitored
  • Toilet Safety Supervisors

We take great care in providing an environment where your child can thrive!


Cleanliness Standards

We take pride in our clean, state-of-the-art facility. Our trained staff, practice disease prevention techniques, to protect the health and safety of all children in our care, such as

  • Daily cleaning,disinfecting of classrooms, equipment and toys
  • Teaching and observing proper hand washing techniques
  • Preparing all food away from the classrooms in a kitchen
  • Following cleanliness and sanitary standards for each room

Creative atmospheres serve as the backdrop for educational excellence


State-of-the-Art Classrooms

We have designed CHS classrooms to create an environment where education and safety are priorities. Our developmentally-appropriate classrooms can boast of :

  • Beautiful and well lit classrooms
  • Clean table storage for each child’s personal belongings
  • Interactive Boards for technology infused teaching
  • All classrooms are with Air Conditioners
  • Separate age appropriate restrooms
  • Media and Technology adequately equipped to provide support for elementary years
  • Direct access to supervised playgrounds
  • Proper nutrition serves as fuel for growing bodies and minds


  • Meals are prepared on site
  • We follow CHS quality standard for all meals and snacks
  • Family-style dinning is encouraged to enhance social skills, table manners and conversation
  • Menus are prepared in advance
  • We never undervalue the importance of playtime in relation to social and physical development


Outdoor Playgrounds

Outdoor time is all about exploring our environment, developing physical skills and enhancing brain growth.

Components include:

  • CHS Play equipment are IPEMA and ASDA certified and built to meet Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines
  • Separate playgrounds designed specifically for infants, toddlers, preschool, and school-age children
  • Supervised free play to promote physical fitness and development
  • Outdoor classroom educational activities

The FUN begins the moment they step on our bus


Transportation System

For your convenience, we provide bus transportation with the following features:

  • School buses with A/C
  • Certified bus drivers and supervisory staff
  • Safety measures, including a comprehensive attendance check
  • Scheduled, dedicated bus routes for enrolled school-age children
  • Field trips covered by our transportation unit

We’re not just here for the children… we’re here for your peace, too!


Support Team

We boast of a team of dedicated, talented, and passionate professionals that fully embrace our core values and mission. And while on their job they also offer guidance and support to each pupil, so they can in turn have a stellar educational experiences

“CHS Team provides Leadership Based Stellar Educational Experience for every pupil”


Colourful Community

As you may have noticed, young children love colours! It catches their eye and grabs their attention. A baby is born with monochrome vision and is unable to distinguish the difference between colours, it is not until around eight months when their colour vision is fully developed. By three to four years, a child can confidently recognise, name and differentiate basic colours as frequent exposure can help strengthen this skill.

Colour is not only exciting for a child, but it also helps with their learning.

Having a strong knowledge of the different colours is useful in many situations that children will become exposed to. Learning these colours allow them to recognise significant visual hues such as red as a code for danger and the meaning behind traffic lights. It is not only useful for the curriculum delivery but also useful outside of the curriculum too — knowing the difference between a red and a blue coloured toy is a vital skill

Being able to recognise colours, assists with educational skills too such as creative writing. Describing an object without saying its colour is difficult! Similarly, when they are exercising their imagination when creating a story, colour is an important part of descriptive techniques.

An abundance of research has been carried out on the effects of colour on the brain. Some experts claim that different colours enhance learning in different ways:

  • Blue — a colour that encourages creativity, if overused however, it can bring the mood down in a room. A cool blue enhances relaxation levels in individuals.
  • Yellow — a colour of happiness for children, as it is associated with sunshine which can lift the mood and excite a child due to its vibrant appearance.
  • Orange — this enhances critical thinking and memory.

When a teacher is in a brightly lit colourful classroom, it makes them happier as we fully understand psychology behind colours. Research has shown that colours are more memorable than monochrome too — a bright and colourful classroom makes new learned experiences stick in the mind.

At CHS,we fully expose children to colours and the language surrounding it,we understand colours. From decorating our classroom to introducing age appropriate games based on colour, there are plenty of ways that we have incorporated colours into the our environment.

Let them play with brightly coloured foodstuffs such as jelly and develop their fine motor skills,At CHS there are colour-based games that we have introduced into the classroom too.How about colour eye-spy, colour matching memory games or presenting coloured flashcards and encouraging pupils to name them?

We have used connecting colours to enhance and connect pupils to appropriate learning.