Elementary School

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Dynamic and Connected Learners


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Elementary- "Leading Explorers" (5 -12 Year Old’s)

The school aged children are referred to as leading explorers in CHS community. Within our community your child’s day will begin with sparks of imagination.Your child will find friendly faces from the gate and caring hearts within CHS environment that helps them learn and grow in all dimension every day.

Our strength is in our happy,small,close-knit community that allows our continuously trained managers to guide children individually and in groups. CHS elementary age program provides learning beyond today that is safe for your child. CHS uses specific methods, activities and techniques that better prepares your child for whatever lies ahead and the lessons your child learns within CHS will be lifelong.

Our Leading Explorer Classrooms are beautiful and fun exploratory base ,age appropriately designed, painted and arranged for learning convenience. Our trademark “Leadership Based Character Education” helps with your child’s character formation. At CHS, school-aged children can use their higher-level thinking skills and creativity to complete challenging projects, as we are a project-based community.
Before School
The school door opens at 7am and the school day starts at 8am.Elementary pupils program closes at 2pm. Extra-Curricula activities is from 2-3pm. .

After School

Once the School extra-curricula activities end at 3pm for elementary program, children will be made to go to CHS after school designated areas, their afternoons are filled with many options. Children can bring an afternoon snack for the rest of their day or register for school after school meal at a cost. Some families would like their children to complete their homework at CHS, so homework managers on duty are present to provide guidance and NOT to do the work for them. Other children choose to participate in one of the many activities that are available but be rest assured that your child would be adequately catered for.

Character Education

At CHS,we believe in value building and reinforcement . Each year, depending on a pupil's class name, as all our classrooms in leading explorers world were culled from the fruit of the holy spirit, if your child’s class is love, your child is introduced to love deliberately through the word of God, helping as well to understand the world view of love while guiding them to choose the best through different activities all through out that year, enabling the pupil to better understand the society in which we live, and how to interact successfully with others.

Our Learning Support Program combines in class support, small group instruction and individual targeted support for pupils identified as needing additional interventions. The overall  goal  of  the  Learning Support  Program  is  to develop the academic skills of pupils  with  learning  needs so  they  can  develop into  successful  and  independent  learners.